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“I would highly recommend Kristen and trust her 100%. She has had access with keys/security codes for my house for over a year and has been responsible, helpful, nice, reasonable since we started to work together........... She has experience in the corporate world so seems to understand what busy people go through and the challenges from a time perspective”

KMSan Francisco

“Just thinking...wow...you SAVED me 5.5 hours……… all your help has been terrific! And yes, you already calmed some nerves. It is great. Thanks for being so thorough and organized. You've been a great help!!”

BCSan Francisco

“I hired Kristen to manage some odd jobs around the house. It is so hard to take time off of work to wait for AT&T, DirecTV, the plumber, the painter, the electrician etc. Kristen was thorough, detailed and dependable. There was a long list and every task was accomplished in a professional and timely manner. Kristen found multiple bids or offered alternative solutions along the way to make things easy. It was a relief to know someone trustworthy and dedicated was going to working around my house. Kristen is always responsive and communicative. She would always follow up with a status report so I knew how things were going. Kristen is always helpful and willing to get the job done.”

MLSan Francisco

“Kristen is a lifesaver to me as I try to manage work, kids, and my calendar. She has helped us on SO many things, including doing all of the coordination of our backyard landscaping project (which turned out to be perfect). She also helped to coordinate my birthday party, which included hiring a caterer and a piano player. Recently, she helped me plan and prepare for my daughter's 11th birthday slumber party. She is really able to help me on just about anything and it helps relieve a tremendous amount of stress. I can't recommend her highly enough!”

DanSan Francisco

“I utilized Bella Concierge to help plan a friend's shower. Kristen was great to
work with - she gave creative ideas and input, kept me informed throughout the process, and was instrumental in helping me create a fabulous event. It was
the most stress-free event I've ever planned! I'll definitely use her services again
in the future.”

LynnSan Francisco

“My fiance and I hired Bella Concierge to coordinate our wedding in Yosemite, which was the best thing we have ever done! Kristen was absolutely essential in making our wedding go smoothly, from the initial meetings with us, to the intricate details with the Chapel and the reception. She made our wedding experience incredibly easy. We never worried about anything, and the feedback we got from our guests and the vendors was that she was professional and ‘on top of EVERYTHING’. We will definitely use this again.”

RussSan Francisco

“Bella Concierge made getting some IKEA products we needed that were only available at the Emeryville IKEA store possible, even though we live in Madison, Wisconsin. Kristen was responsive, friendly and easy to work with from start to finish. I only wish I could find someone like her locally!”


“I used Bella Concierge's services while I was out of the country for several months. What a savior! My place was well taken care of and made my trip stress free. Very professional and recommend Bella Concierge to anyone who needs a helping hand.”

ESSan Francisco